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​9 clever things you can't do with your old landline.

Tue May 19th 2015

A VoIP system isn't just cheap and easy to use. It's also got some smart tricks up its sleeve which can help your business deliver better customer service and communication, work more efficiently, and save time. Before long, you'll wonder what your business ever did without it.

1: Go anywhere, call anyone.

A VoIP phone system means you can take your office anywhere. Using a small plug-in that looks like a USB stick, you can connect to your office system from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. That means you don't have to struggle with roaming charges or unreliable phone networks when you're on the go.

2: Bring your conference calls to life

With video conferencing, you can share data, demonstrate products, and see facial expressions as you talk to clients or colleagues remotely. It's still not quite the same as being in the room with someone, but it's certainly less awkward than the old phone conference.

3: Make the most of call management

There's more than one way to use a phone. A VoIP system gives you a ton of options for call management – get rid of pesky callers with Call Screening and Call Rejection, get back to work with the Do not Disturb function, stay secure with phone Pin Codes, and make it easy to follow up on missed calls with voicemail.

4: Phone management without the pain

Sick of dropping calls and forgetting how to transfer? Once you've installed our user-friendly VoIP interface, you'll be able to see and manage all calls on your desktop computer. This means transferring customers, putting them on hold, setting phone messages and even reviewing call statistics is quick, straightforward and easy to manage.

5: Work hard wherever you are

Hot-desking and working from home are simple with VoIP in the office. The system lets your staff take their phone numbers with them, so they can move from desk to desk without having to move any hardware or mess around with wiring. It also makes it easier for staff to work from home – they just take their VoIP plug-in home and use it there.

6: Customer service made simple

Lots of customers calling? VoIP makes them easier to manage. The extension menu feature is like a virtual receptionist – it gives callers a list of extension options and directs their calls to the right staff member, saving time and making your business look professional. Call queuing can also help by letting you know how many calls are waiting and how long each caller has been waiting for – so you can bring in more staff to deal with calls and avoid frustrating your customers.

7: Work with your website

A great website is important – but converting searchers into customers can be tricky. Click to call lets customers using smartphones or their own VoIP service call your business in one click – eliminating one annoying step from the search process and making it more likely for them to choose your business.

8: Real feedback in real time

If you've got a customer service team, consistency is key. VoIP can help you find out whether your team is delivering consistent service, and where they need help. The Barge feature lets you listen in on calls to monitor standards and review performance, while Whisper lets you give your staff tips and extra information while they're on a call – without the customer knowing.

9: Make your calls follow you.

Tailored call-forwarding means you'll never miss an important business call – even if you're out and about. With VoIP, you can set calls to ring at the office, then transfer to your cellphone, and finally your home phone or other designated number, all without the customer knowing. That means less frustration for customers trying to get in touch with you, and less time spent following up on voicemail messages when you get back to the office.

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