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VoIP Keeps Growing

Mon May 15th 2017

You may not know it but VoIP technology is more than two decades old.The concept of VoIP originated in 1995, when hobbyists began to realize the potential of sending voice data packets over the internet rather than communicating through the standard telephone service.

VoIP gradually evolved over the following 20 years, its uptake and usage steady but certainly not what would be considered explosive.

Business often takes some time to come to grips with emerging disruptive technology.The signs are now that VoIP is heading towards an explosive growth curve, as businesses come to fully understand and appreciate this technology and its many benefits - even Spark has announced a move to VoIP.

We have seen this meteoric growth in our own business – many branches of a nationwide healthcare provider and a growing number of local motels, along with other organisations of every type.

As the technology has matured from disruptive to widely accepted, business understanding of the massive benefits that VoIP offers have increased.On-to-it business owners and leaders appreciate the immediate cost-effectiveness of VoIP.And you'd be amazed by the comprehensive functionality that VoIP offers.

VoIP is one of the most talked-about technologies in the communications industry. It has gained real traction as a viable and hugely beneficial business technology and there is no telling where it can go from here!

We don't want you to be left behind, so contact us here to learn more about how VoIP can change your business.