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We keep it simple by planning smarter.

Wed Dec. 16th 2015

When we were awarded the large phone system installation contract for a nationwide healthcare provider, we knew we would have to plan smarter to fulfill the locationally and logistically challenging brief.

The project was the largest that we have ever undertaken and is scheduled for a 9 month rollout - from the end of 2015 into mid 2016. It would have been understandable if we had viewed the task as complicated and challenging, what with 15 clinics that were geographically disparate and involving with up to 170 phones at each location.

But we didn't look at it that way. We were very confident that we could keep it well managed and under complete control by keeping it simple and by doing things smarter.

And we did. But how, exactly?

Well, we achieved near seamless installation by first building the phone system, as previously scoped out and defined by the customer, in our Christchurch lab.

Being this organized, prior to our arrival on-site, meant that the next step of the process was incredibly smooth.

We arrived at the clinic location, after close-of-business, and very quickly and effectively undertook the physical install, replacing the legacy phone system with our bespoke Phone VoIP one, direct from our base. And by the time the sun came up, we were gone!

As you can imagine, given the type of service they provide, a health provider cannot afford any down time for either themselves or their patients. It was imperative that installation was an overnight process outside of business hours, resulting in business disruption being kept to an absolute minimum.

So, after a successful physical installation we returned to our Christchurch base where we were able to monitor functionality and tweak settings, remotely. Once again, business disruption was infinitesimal.

We have only just really begun the project, with the clinic install of 100 phones having been successfully completed in December of 2015. But with many more clinic installs due to be rolled out in the first half of 2016, you can guarantee we will be continuing to develop ways to work even smarter!